Source :- Sunny Leone Facebook Page. Sunny Leoni is vegetarian or nonagenarian? This question will be in most people’s mind. To know the answer, you will be taking information from here and there. His fans know better about Sunny Leoni. Those who do not know them tell us. Sunny Leoni is frightened about Diet. They like sweet to spicy food. In an interview, he himself said that he likes Golgpepe. They do the exercises and yoga to maintain the figure. Sunny Leoni launched a calendar with PETA, a co-author of animal rights. While sharing with PETA and launching the calendar, they also shared personal experiences of being vegetarian. Sunny Leoni says that many people who meet her are asked if it is not difficult for them to become vegetarian, she says that it is not easy. He also told that after adopting vegetarianism, it is very beneficial to lose weight.…

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